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Events don't matter so much in comparison to the graphics, any event goes with any graphic... Unless you tell a bird to fly but the graphic is a signpost... Okay, well yeah, keep updating as much as you can, when you can, always listen to your parents

I say this to a lot of people, update more, but I don't really update my thread haha! I'm in the midst of having my game released though, so understandable in my case...

On another note, I would've used HG/SS from the start, when I first started my game, FR/LG was just coming out, as soon as I saw the HG/SS tiles, I knew I had to change over (I had to re-create and redo 750 maps haha), as soon as I got better at graphics design myself, I switched... Maybe you should practise a little, there is someone on here somewhere that has made a couple sprites for his game and he only started spriting a couple weeks ago, and they are pretty good, so practice makes perfect.