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    lol who have u been kissing? ... but seriously... get well soon, mate. Take your time and get some rest. I have been spriting fakemon, mainly for my own hack, but we can use them here as well (as long as i get the final word on their names and flavor text (for uniformity reasons) other data you guys can decide on. Also, i've been learing a couple of things to incorporate into my own hack, that we could implement here if we need:

    They're all pretty easy, so if u guys were already doing them, then just ignore me

    1. New Items/Evolution Stones (Lol... very very basic... just following JPANs item thread)
    2. New Moves
    3. New Animations
    4. New Abilities (This is very limited... So it would be limited to abilities that directly affect battle... like Iron Fist, and Immunity to a certain type or something, etc.)

    ^I've never technically tired any of these , but based on what i've seen they're pretty easy to implement, so it shouldn't be 2 much of a problem.

    Any opinions?