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    Since the release of Black 2 and White 2 in Japan, lots of new threats have awoken into the pokemon metagame. The arrival of the new move tutors have given most pokemon like conkeldurr, salamence and many others new moves and moves that were lost since 4th gen. We've also seen the new Dream world abilities being released on many pokemon. Out of them all however, i noticed lots of bulky pokemon got regenerator. For those of you who are not familiar with this ability a pokemon that is withdrawn from battle gains back 33% of their health. So an idea came to mind! Why not make a regenerator team in UU? So here's the team

    Alomomola (F)
    Regenerator (of course)
    Impish nature (+def -sp.atk)
    252 hp, 252 def 4 sp.def

    This thing is very bulky and le hp is reached to the 500's. With wish support, it is pretty much the cleric of this team to help out my sweepers. It's basically an NU blissey.

    Amoonguss (M)
    @black sludge
    Regenerator (:3)
    Calm nature (+sp.def -atk)
    252 hp 40 def 216 sp.def

    -Stun spore
    -Giga drain
    -Clear smog

    This set utilizes the double status moves stun spore and spore. Stun spore to cripple fast or scarfed pokes that can threaten the team. Aka Darmanitan, zapdos and other fast uu pokemon. Spore does the same, shutting down a pokemon and forcing your opponent to use sleep fodder. With its incredible HP stat like it's partner above, amoonguss works well for tanking hits and using status to cripple opponents.

    Slowbro (M)
    Bold nature (+def -atk)
    252 hp 252 def 4 sp.def/sp.atk

    -slack off

    Another fantastic wall in UU. Slowbro is a great pokemon for tanking hits as usual. The ev's are set for max bulk for it to tank hits and to stall out it's opponents PP. Slack off is the best option for it to get health back along with its regenerator.

    That's my UU stall core. Please leave a comment below on what team mates would go great with this. Also i'd enjoy hearing your feedback on this. Thanks for reading
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