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    Jack Jacobs
    Academy Grounds

    Jack watched as the entire battle played out and the Hariyama had easily beaten the Grovyle prompting it's trainer to start his gloating. Jack could do nothing more than laugh, he wasn't going through the best of battling form at the moment but even he knew that the trainer of that Hariyama wasn't as good as that battle led spectators to believe. "What are you celebrating?" Jack asked as he leaned up from the tree and began slowly walking away "If your so proud of that victory then guess your not as good a trainer as you think you are"

    Jack was walk fear of having to battle but didn't want to get into any confrontations with the trainer, so why did he make those comments? He just needed to get his two cents in and make his evaluation of the fellow Suicune dormer. Jack glanced back at the boy just to see his flaring nostrils and an angry look on his face. "What did you just say!?!?!" He responded obviously upset, Jack held up two fingers at continued walking a little goodbye in a way.

    Before Jack could get much further though he was facing the giant Hariyama from before. Jack looked up up into the pokemon's face and then laughed a bit. "You wanna see how good a trainer I am!" Jack took a deep sigh before sending Blade his scizor. "Ok buddy I hope were ready"
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