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    Originally Posted by iPika View Post
    What do you mean by post-game? Yes, I have played Light Platinum and I can understand also what you mean. I have also played LoG but I don't understand what you mean...

    Anyway, I wish not to copy any of the above hacks as I wish to get something 'new'. Thanks anyway...

    By post-game, I meant things to do after the E4&Champion(Such as additional dungeons like the Cerulean Cave and the Sky Pillar, or facilities such as the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway). And I didn't mean to copy anything. I was just giving examples on how a game can be made hard or easy. Since the leveling curve sorts of evens out on itself, you need different manners of controlling the difficulty. In LoG and many other hacks, the creator usually adds other elements other than levels in order to make the game difficult.

    Elements include long series of battles, battles against overpowered fakemon, and limiting healing outside of Pokemon centers. The problem with solely relying on levels is that once the player's whole party reaches level 100, the game becomes a walk in the park, so new tricks must be pulled during the endgame phase. You should also play-test your hack often to see if there are any parts which are too easy. Try playing around with A-Trainer, and you'll find several ways of making the game difficult, such as customizing a gym leader's Pokemon moveset, or even giving them underleveled Pokemon(Such as Lance's Dragonite in GenI)
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