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Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
Actually, here's what the Pokedex says about Groudon,

"Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents. This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre."

That said, in worst case scenario we could evacuate the areas of volcanic activities, an, like you plan, wait some number of years.
Yes, but how does he raise the land? He wrenches the earth's crust apart and releases lava what cools to form land. It's a bit explosive event. And it's be quite difficult to predict the path of lava, the area of earthquake effects, new fault lines opening up... you'd have to evacuate the entire land and put them out to sea. On, say, floating cities.

Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
You would have to have strict weight regulations, and someone to check very far down on whatever supports are holding you up. With as many people and facilities as you mentioned there's no way your city will float. It might be able to be suspended over the water, but you'd have to be close to some form of land for the water not to be too deep to build supports down to the floor.

I don't consider short-sleeved midriffs very covering. Team Magma is more covered than Aqua.
Considering the technology inherent in things like Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, I've no doubt that we can easily expand upon such things. And it doesn't have to be one ship- we can have a convoy and escorts and suburbs that tether to the main grouping for most of the time.

Bare midriffs are better than bare thighs. Y'all are gonna have bugs crawling up your skirts.

Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
See, we're not attempting to take them away from what they know. It's easier that way, if their lives get to remain the same, or at least similar, to how they are on land already.
Ah but you are. There are many people who live coastal and water-based lives, and you'd be taking them away from that for many years while you expanded your land. And they'd never get back what they had. There will be resistance no matter what you do.
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