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Jake - Academy Main Office
A dark mysterious stranger made his way through the halls of the academy, half-heartedly looking around and taking in the sights. He was perfectly inconspicuous, only the particular brand of shades that adorned his face seeming remotely out of place. Namely... well... they were sunglasses! Who wore those /inside/? Regardless, he didn't seem all that concerned, casually peaking over his glasses occasionally as if to get a better look at his surroundings. He was searching for something, though what exactly that was was anyone's guess. It was then that he spotted a girl making her way down the hall. He seemed to observe her for several moments as she passed before putting on his best casual smile and moving after her. Judging by the way she was walking she had /somewhere/ to be, and that was enough for him to get started.

As he followed along in a manner that honestly shouldn't come off as suspicious given that they were in a school he noted a room labeled as being the main office. It made him ever so slightly nervous, knowing he would be around so many staff. They scared him, with their large sizes and uncanny ability to detect mischief. He preferred to avoid them, but that wasn't really in his job description. Really, it had been such a problem he'd almost not gotten the permission to head out to the island in the first place. He tried to tell himself that he really shouldn't be afraid of adults, and yet it was only marginally effective.

...Jake stepped into the office not long after Megan and casually moved up beside her, decidedly not remotely trying to be sneaky about it. He then stopped, glancing over at the other once, proceeding to turn his gaze to a secretary that flashed him the most 'care-free' look in the world, and then twice before finally speaking.

"Hey... Do you think you could help me?"

Jake flashed a smile that only lingered a moment before vanishing. He didn't have much to smile about. Presuming Megan looked at him, she'd find that he was a person of multi-racial background sporting extremely messy, wild brown hair. He wore an entei dorm jacket over a short sleeved shirt, also sporting fingerless gloves, sneakers and grey pants. (Click for picture)

"I'm Jake, and I was just wondering because I'm new and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do."

Alex - ???
A young man wearing a particular style of vest in red and rocking some perhaps unusually long, for a male, orange'ish hair (Click for picture) approached Aloin, Nika, and Skye. He seemed to want to talk to them, judging by the way he approached them, eyes betraying intent in their gaze on the group. ...Or, he might've wanted to battle. It was hard to say. He was rather short as far as students went, perhaps not having hit his growth spurt yet. After a moment he closed the distance between himself and the group, finally addressing all three of the students in what seemed to be a pretty casual tone, though it seemed especially aimed at Nika and Skye. On closer inspection he appeared to be carrying a raikou dorm jacket on one arm.

"Hey, I couldn't help but see that battle! It looked awesome; you guy look like you've been training your pokemon hard."

A very brief glance at Aloin, as if searching for a reaction. How quaint.

"I haven't gotten a chance to have my first battle yet myself. Though, it might be because I guess I'm kind of lost..."

He went on, perhaps dominating the conversation for a moment.

"...I'm Alex, by the way."

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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