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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    I've named and given movesets to my latest Fakemon and also created some new ones:


    TYPE1= Normal.
    EVOLUTION= None as of yet.
    DESCRIPTION= It's a Panda Bear... To state the obvious.
    REASON FOR THIS= I kept calling Spinda, spanda, so I thought I'd create one name Spanda, it didn't stay named that for long.


    TYPE1= Grass
    TYPE2= Poison
    EVOLUTION= None as of yet
    DESCRIPTION= It's some grapes.
    REASON FOR THIS= It was originally meant to look like a flower, but I was watching TV at the time and saw some grapes on an advert and I kind of just drew grapes, I never changed them to my original idea.


    TYPE1= Water
    TYPE2= Ice
    EVOLUTION= None as of yet
    DESCRIPTION= Alynice is an aligator, I'm in the process of giving Alynice a mean 2nd form.
    REASON FOR THIS= I originally was going to do a single evolution but the meaner (which will now be Alynice's evolved form) version seemed more of a 2nd or 3rd evo as opposed to a first, so Alynice was draw to be the cuter of the 2.

    Shyshadow and Harlyquen

    TYPE1= Dark
    TYPE2= Psychic
    EVOLUTION= Shyshadow--->Harlyquen
    DESCRIPTION= They are both human forms, the first thing you will notice is that they have no arms, this is not an error, those little beings floating around act as their arms... Despite Shyshadow only having one being, it is still capable of doing everything Harlyquen can do, just slower.
    Shyshadow--->Shyshadow appears to have no legs or arms, infact Shyshadow has legs, they are below the dress she is wearing...
    Harlyquen--->Harlequen has a better physique than Shyshadow and is more agile, with the fact that Harlyquen doesn't walk, she floats, she is wearing a mini skirt, with a trail (just another skirt that hangs off the back basically) and is wearing a rather cute body corset... Unlike Shyshadow, you can see Harlyquen's legs.
    REASON FOR THIS= I had a sudden image of how the one was going to look (now name Harlyquen), so as I was in the motion of drawing her, another image came into mind of her pre-evo(Shyshadow).


    TYPE1= Ghost
    EVOLUTION= Eevee--->Demiseon
    DESCRIPTION= Another Eeveelution, Demiseon, is a ghostly spirit of Eevee, the fog around it's body is actually a lead to another dimension... Demiseon can learn a move that is to it's own kind, it is also the only way to get Demiseon, can you figure it out?!
    REASON FOR THIS= This was actually drew a few months back, I remember seeing a post on this website with a bunch of Eeveelutions, now I hate using other peoples designs, I'd prefer to draw my own, plus I'm not a thief... Demiseon came about when I actually gave Eevee a new attack, but figured, I could turn that attack into a Fakemon, and viola, Demiseon is born.


    TYPE1= Egg
    EVOLUTION= Egg has no evolution.
    DESCRIPTION= Egg has been created so that wild eggs can be found, it has no attack, it has very high HP and Defense, It uses a special move which has a 0.0001% chance of working, once captured it will be a normal egg which will hatch into something from that area.
    REASON FOR THIS= I thought, Pokémon still make eggs in the wild, they don't need to be shoved into a day care to do it, so here is an Egg type... Eggs are like 1 in 500,000, chance, of finding one, but it has a higher chance to hatch a shiny... The eggs will be different colors to show rareness and species, most eggs will produce rares... Even at level 1, this will be an extreme task to beat down and capture... Be careful, you may cause it's parents to attack.

    That's all for the fakemon at the moment, I have more, but save them for anther time... I haven't fit them into my PokéDex yet, but, when I get enough, they will probably fit in where the newer GEN V one's should be, because I'm not having gen 5 in my game, despite whether or not Maruno or any one adds them...
    omg love that eevee new evo and the egg thing