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    Aloin observed the stranger curiously, his silver eyes taking in everything about him. He was slightly upset that he wouldn't be able to continue his conversation with Nika to do his part as a model figure in the school and help her along the path of a mono-type user. Regardless, he was sure the chance would come again in the future.

    "If you're going to carry that around..." Aloin pointed to the Raikou dorm jacket Alex was carrying. "You should put it on. Or are you trying to blatantly state that you have no need to wear your own dorm's mark?"

    Just then, a thought occured to Aloin. He had an idea of how to provide mentorship to multiple students at once.

    "You say you've never fought once before, correct? Experience is invaluable--why don't you have a battle against me? I assure you; I'll go easy. Gallade, en garde!"

    Aloin tossed his pokeball in the air and his fighting/psychic pokemon appeared before him, bladed arms raised. Aloin put a hand to his chest and bowed formally toward Alex with a smile.

    "Well then, at your ready."



    Julius sat underneath a tree in the outdoors, a particularly large textbook lying in his lap. His eyes were trained to the page he was reading, flickering quickly at the rate he was gleaning information. He was completely oblivious to the activity occuring not too far from him. His Vibrava, on the other hand, kept its eyes focused on the Scizor and Hariyama facing off, its two antennae flickering from the heated indignity radiating from one of the trainers. This was clearly not an ideal reading spot at the moment, but Vibrava knew that getting its trainer's attention in order to get him to move away would be an exhausting chore in and of itself. So the pokemon could only wait and hope they didn't get caught in the crossfire.

    "'And so the pokemon, bathed in emerald, descended from the heavens in order to quell the raging elements...'" Julius murmured aloud to himself absently as he changed the page. He blinked in surprise at the drawing at the bottom of the page, trying to depict the pokemon in question. It was crudely drawn and hard to identify, but Julius was sure he'd never seen it before anyhow.

    "'The pokemon that resides in the ozone', huh?" Julius frowned. "These legends are so strange. Does such a thing even exist...?"
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