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Morning - Thayla Island

... "Geez!" an angered voice yelled as he almost pole vaulted off of a docking boat. "What a boring ride over here! What kinda tournament is THIS where you have ride a boat with NO other contestants?"

Giving no other complaints as the captain of the vessel chained up his boat to the nearest pole, Malik decided to finally go over his inventory.

Ugh, me and my bad memory... he thought with a saddened scowl. Where did I put that stupid house pass?

After checking almost every nook and cranny of his bag, how many compartments did this bag HAVE, Malik finally came across what he was looking for. The leathery fold-out looked pretty legit, despite everything else he'd seen so far. His name was there in fancy golden print letters, and it had some long list of rules on the next page over.

Never reading these... he thought as he rolled his eyes and turned the page. His eyes caught a picture that intrigued him though. Hmm? Who's this? His eyes ventured over to the next page, under a section labled "Partner Information".

The kid in the photo was apparently male, about 20 from his guess, but he could be older... or younger by Malik's guess.

Ryudo Skye... it read.

"Huh, so this is who they partnered me up with, eh?" Malik said out loud. "Meh, he'll do, I guess ... so long as he's no weakling or something..."

Malik's mind immediately raced over to his auto shop back home in Iccirus City, and his brow furrowed.

No... he thought under his scowl. This kid better not be some weakling if he's partnered up with me! I've got too much riding on this, too much to lose ... And he'd better be willing to pull his own weight our there ...

Speaking of there, Malik wasn't entirely sure of where THERE actually was. He skimmed over his tiny little passport until he came across what looked to be a keycard.

Palkia Housing, huh? ... that's the uh ... the big blue one, right? Malik's mind raced trying to remember, but before he gave himself an unnecessary headache, he let it go and placed the booklet in his right pocket.

"Forget it, let's just find this place and find a place to rest my back. Those wooden seats on that floating deathtrap nearly killed my lower area..." Malik lamented after rubbing the soreness of his backside.


*Inside the Palkia Housing Area*

Thank Arceus. He made it...

At least that's all Malik could keep saying to himself, because it was definitely another weird act of fate he didn't end up stranded on the outskirts of the island, lost and without food ...or worse.

Ugh! Shake it off, Malik! he thought with two quick slaps to his face.

Without any other thought he took his belongings and found his way to the staircase. It'd been easy enough getting his information and finding his way into the housing, maybe the rest of the day would go as smoothly.

Well, at least he was about to find out, because he now stood at the door to his room, keycard in hand and ready to unlock it.

Please don't be pink. Please don't be pink. Please don't be pink. Malik thought as he opened the Palkia themed doorway.

He took one quick look into his room, blinked to reassure himself, then frowned automatically.

Damnit... he thought as he took another dreadful look around.
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