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    Lusca A. Maloii

    I have no idea where I'm going ... I have no idea what I'm doing!! Oh! Why does this have to happen to me? Lusca thought with a heavy frown.

    It'd been two hours already. Two long dreadfully terrible hours of Lusca going through the motions and trying to find his way to his next class ... Yeah ... that was it ... Lusca simply just got a little turned around and is now on his way to the classrooms, and he luckily knew EXACTLY where that was ...

    Oh, who am I kidding!!? I'm LOST! And its almost noon now! Lusca panicked.

    Truth is, Lusca was actually looking for the dorms. He didn't even HAVE classes today. Who would give him classes on his first day at a boarding school anyways? That wouldn't even make sense! So now here he was, with a blue blazer jacket and a plastic covered school uniform to match, on his way to "Arceus knows where" to see "Arceus knows who"... and quite honestly, his first few hours on this island had sucked big-time.

    "And who the heck thought it'd be a good idea to throw someone into unknown territory like this without even a map!? The nerve!" He said to himself, growing more nervous the more unfamiliar the school became to him.

    Luckily, this time at least, he found a newer building, and this one had words carved into it on a plated sign.

    Cafeteria... it read.

    Okay look you, Lusca thought talking to the sunny skies. Now I don't ask you for much ... With another look to the building, he hoisted his belongings back into his hands and slightly opened the main doors with the only free appendage he had.

    ...but PLEASE let there be someone in here who can help me ...


    Dr. Trish

    "Oh, how FUN!" The energetic new schoolteacher mused as she walked through the long hallways of the main building. "Our first new job as a teacher. And in an academy, wouldn't you believe?"

    She pretty much sang the words, very ecstatic about her newly acquired teaching job. And who wouldn't be excited about that? Being at the school alone is an honor, not only working there. It kept playing through her head. How lucky she was and how much fun this all was going to be. The students she was going to get the priveledge to meet and teach, and plus her new coworkers. Talk about enthusiastic, Trisha Johnson was the newest face of cheerful as she walked through the academies stone walls.

    Her Pokemon-Meganium, Roserade and Leavanny-all walked happily alongside her, albeit her Roserade, while usually calm, seemed a Tad bit nervous.

    Despite that, Trisha made sure to prompt her Pokemon. "Okay, now. Big smiles, you three! Remember, we're here as replacements, but we behave as if we'd been here all semester!"

    Her Pokemon all nodded in understanding and followed closely behind, her Meganium mewing happily as she passed many exuberant sights.

    "Hello. Goodmorning. Nice to see you!" was all you could hear from Trisha as she passed unfamiliar students and even more unfamiliar surroundings. The kids seemed happy enough to wave and chime back, but how friendly can you be against a complete and total Stranger? Perhaps it was the fact that she was a woman that prompted such nice remarks from the peers around her. I mean, imagine a GUY walking up the halls of the school as she did ... Not too sure that'd give off the same result.

    She sweetly laughed off the thought, and stopped cold, in the corridor of a new hallway she'd walked into. With two looks back and forth, and then left and right, she leaned down to ask her Grass Pokemon.

    *Whispering* You three wouldn't happen to know where we're going ... would you?

    Her Pokemon, just as confused as she was, gave her disappointed nods.

    To this, Trisha slightly grew nervous, which was apparent even on her smiling, bubbly face.

    "My, my" she mused. "What a predicament I've gotten us into, hmm?"
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