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Its been a while, but I have a bit of an update for everyone who cares. (If anyone Haha) anyway Both of the main character sprites are finished. I will update the main thread with them for all to see. I have decided to remake a few maps, and now I have some new auto tiles to use, credit to Rayquaza. Map making has been put on a bit of a pause, and may stay like that for a while, as I go back and fix up all the maps. I am in the middle of installing a following pokemon script, which is going better than I expected. The big update here, is that I have finished putting together a full story board. I will not be sharing it, as it would ruin the game's story, but it is done. I also have found someone who is helping make music for Pokemon Melanite, and I have gotten a spriter for character sprites. Keep checking for more updates! I hope to show more maps soon.