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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    @_ Volcanix769

    Thanks, I appriciate it. I'll check it out soon.

    @_ KageBunji

    You're better off asking Midnightshine or Tajaros questions about spriting. I'm sure once they view this thread, they'll answer your Qs. Or, simply PM them. I can see Oren's sprite, but the other 2 images are white boxes with a red X in them.

    I'm currently beta testing the first half & I've decided during the day of release, I'll either post or add an attachment notepad of the locations where you can find all of the GRASS/WATER/FIRE Starters. I'm doing this because the percentage of finding them in their locations is 2%(Took me forever to find Cyndaquil) & there's only a 50/50 chance the one you catch has an EXP.SHARE. An even harder capture, is to find a Torchic with the EXP.SHARE AND have it's Speed Boost Ability. So due to the low percentage of them appearing in their locations, I'm simply going to tell you all where they are on the day of release. Some of em, like Chimchar & Torchic, are in the same locations.
    so, that means all starters from kanto to unova? (sorry for obious fact just to be sure...), OH MY GOD, the more info you give...the more i want to play this even this is the first beta : D i don't want to sound harsh on this but, can say if you will release the beta today/tomorrow or during this week?, oh, forgot a essencial extra question, is scyther within beta 1, and it will evolve by level or item without trade?