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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia paled as the two asked her to tell them and she giggled nervously. "Well... the thing is... I really don't know it that well. It happened when I was very young. And I mean when I was around.... three I think?" She cocked her head, "Yeah.... three. I only remember what my dad told me, and that's it. He really didn't tell me much, but.... I really can't say." She looked down, "It's very hard to say, and it does bring up the only memories I can remember about it. Bad ones at that."

    Samuel stayed near Snype as Roberto continued to glare, "I'll stay right here, don't worry about that."

    Tyro eagerly spoke to Able, "...Yeah and I'll be dude and dudette! Hey! You can be a dudetter and be like 'dude! I'm a dudette!' and I'll be like 'yeah! You're a dudette!' and everyone will see your a dudette and be awed that your a dudette!...."
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