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Roland Grey- Ekilore

A tense moment of silence had begun between the brothers. Roland tried for a moment to pretend his younger brother wasn’t even there next to him, but that he was alone in front of the immense Tower of Oculus. Yet for all his effort, his brother’s face and words remained in his mind. Roland scrutinized the tower in front of him instead, trying to determine how long the monks were planning on making him wait.

"Good day, my lords." A voice stated behind Roland. He turned to see the origin of the voice, observing an elf. Roland scrutinized the elf’s clothing, before addressing him. It was a habit he had often done in the past, as one’s clothing often could exemplify one’s status in life, and that therefore would determine how Roland would respond to that individual. Like many of his kin, the elf’s skin was flawless and clear, and his stature was tall and appeared elegant. His garb was one of quality, complimenting the rest of his appearance. Roland conclusively determined that the elf was either of noble birth was a knight. Either way, he was worthy of an acknowledgement. But that fact that he was an elf diminished the acknowledgement was to get. Roland, after all, wasn’t particularly fond of the other races, including dwarves and elves. Roland eventually responded to Colin with a slight nod of his head.

"Hello there, you don't happen to know where I left my stilts, do you?" Another voice asked the group. Roland turned and saw the short figure of a dwarven woman, standing next to a horse of her own. He showed a look of displeasure at her appearance before the monks. He knew not why elves and dwarves were invited to the council meetings. They usually attended to their own affairs in their respective countries. Their presence here was unsettling for Roland, who was still trying to ascertain the purpose of the meeting. Either way, Roland was not fond of the dwarf, though there were very few he was fond to.

"Can't say I have seen them," Percival said with a smile. Roland gave Percival a look of disapproval. Now he liked her too? Of course he would.

“Perhaps you left them back in your cave, dwarf.” He replied coldly, and before anymore could be said, the doors of the Tower of Oculus began to open, and from them came one of the many servants of the monks, a eunuch.

"Greetings my lords, And lady," He said to them, eyeing each of them. He led them into the tower, where they were to be taken to see the monks. Roland watched the eunuch curiously. He had heard of the servants of the monks, but beyond this, had not much information on them. Theirs, and their masters for that matter, was a secluded life. Roland moved forward into the tower, the cool air of the inside rushing past him. Inside was the sight of the well renowned “Grand Library”, a room that many dreamed to enter. A source of knowledge and information unlike any in Hyrus. To the day, Roland knew not where or how the monks acquired all of the ancient books and scrolls that they did. But then, no one knew much about the monks to begin with.

Between the oversized bookcases of the many books across the walls of the tower there were empty spots where picture hung. There were countless depictions of events and faces, half of them quite pleasant, depicting serene scenes or faces, while the other half were dire in appearance, with immortalizations of dread and sorrow. The contrast was stark. Roland saw many pictures, a few catching his eye as he scanned over the room. These were by far, in his eyes, the best done, including an elf surrounded by the bodies of man, a woman engorging herself in plates upon plates of food and drink as she relishes in its taste, and a large figure standing upon a mountain of broken corpses, a large axe in his arm raised victoriously in the air. Perhaps the most intriguing, however, was a mural on the opposite side of the tower.

Roland approached the mural and observed it intently, as if to decipher its meaning. The eunuch walked over and stood beside him, as if sensing that the knight has questions.

“I am not familiar with this artwork. By whom was it painted?” Roland inquired at the eunuch.

“It is unknown who painted the mural of Ekilore, as it unknown the origin of many of the other books and paintings displayed here.”

“I see.” Roland said, continuing to admire the mural. “I am unfamiliar with this style of artwork. I have been educated in all manner of art known through the lands, but this style…eludes me. It is as if the painter purposefully distorted the images.”

“An excellent observation, my lord.” The eunuch replied. “Have you any conjecture as to why this was done?”

A smug look of narcissism seemed to appear on Roland’s face, as if with every word he spoke, he was educating the eunuch more than vice versa. Roland’s edification was obviously great, but the praise might have gone a bit to his head. “Well…under normal circumstance, this would be a simple depiction of a group of folk, perhaps servants, bowing to this other.” He said, pointing at the figure in the mural above, with his arms extended. “Yet the way the artist blurred every figure, including the one standing above the populace, it appears as though they intended to present the possibility that this isn’t exactly as it seems.”

“What are you implying, my lord?”

“Observe here.” Roland said, pointing over to the hand of the figure on the hill. “Notice how he holds his hand out. On one hand, it would appear that he shepards the people from harm and is their savior, and they, in turn, show their gratitude by bowing to the figure. But because of the distortion, it could easily appear that this figure is the harbinger of their destruction, and the people bend their knees in plead of mercy and compassion. The only real question is what the true account is.”

The eunuch smiled and nodded. “Perhaps we will never know.”

As the eunuch and Roland finished speaking, he approached the middle of the tower and asked for the others to accompany him there, and hold onto the railings, if necessary. Roland didn’t quite understand. That is, until the platform below them began to arise at the urge of a lever pulled by the eunuch. How it became to be, Roland did not know, but the platform below them traveled at great swiftness to the top of the tower. Roland grabbed hold of the railing as he steadied himself, but eventually got used to the tempo of the moving tower. Throughout the sides of the tower, Roland could see the continuous pictures alongside bookcases all throughout the tower, but the velocity of the moving platform prevented him from making out what was shown on them. He caught glimpses of the characters before at one point, perhaps a continuation onto the account of their lives. He wasn’t sure. Eventually, though, the platform came to a halt in a small room with an iron door leading out of it. That was to become the next leg of their passage to the top, and according to the eunuch, it was a perilous one. Roland again, did not immediately understand, but he soon figured it out. The door led to a path to the top from the outside, where gusts of wind rushed passed the gathered. There were now walking on the outside of the tower. Roland held onto the railing of the tower as he made his way up, the wind rushing past his eyes. Roland questioned why on Hyrus the monks would ever make such an unsafe path towards them.

And then he saw it. Before him was the view the monks saw everyday. The world of Hyrus stretched before him. The lands of Ethora directly in front of him next to the nation of Eveamoor. The white peaks of Vanaheim to the north, and the deserts of Harat in Rastra beyond them. The lush green forests of Miraycia were far beyond them, but even they could be faintly seen by the naked eye. To the very south was the island of Rolsten. All before him was the land of Hyrus. It was hard to imagine how something so beautiful could be presently filled with so much strife. It just seemed so impossible. Roland let go of the railing as he marveled at the view in front of him, almost forgetting where he was.

“By the gods…” He whispered to himself, unsure if what he was actually seeing was true. From the top of the stairs, Roland could see the eunuch addressing them, but he was too far below to hear what was being said. Roland finally snapped from the sight of the view and proceeded to the top of the stairs, still taking the occasional glimpse at the lands below.

But there was business to attend to, and Roland tried to push the amazing sight before him into the back of his mind and focus on the real task before him. He waited patiently by the door as the wind still gusted at him, waiting for the monks to receive them.

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