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    @_ Gold011

    Sorry, but I don't think the beta will be released this week. Can't really say when, but it'll be this month. My partner still has a few scripts to insert. Then when he sends the scripted copy back to me, I have to play thru the 2nd half of the beta/insert all of the finalized custom sprites & OWs, and add a tiny bit of last touches to the beta.
    But yes, all of the starters from Kanto thru Unova are in the game. Each of em in different locations. The order pattern is something like this off the top of my head; (The ones with the / means they are in the same area. All of the starters are the rarest pokemon to appear in their respective areas.)


    Tepig & Turtwig are the only starters who won't be in beta 1. Tepig will be in the magma cave early in beta 2(Already have that place maped) & Turtwig even earlier on Plain Field. Which is where I plan to start Beta 2 at.

    As for Scyther, yes, he's in beta 1 in the same area as Treecko & Snivy called Grass Isle. Which is on the side of Mystic Falls. The 3rd major city. All pokemon who required a trade to evolve will evolve at either lv 45 or 48(I believe Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior at 48 off the top of my head).

    I can assure you, this hack will be very fun & has alot of replay value. All of the favorites are in, from Reuniclus to Lucario to Zoroark, to even...Ambipom? Plus with the addition of every pokemon learning their best egg moves by lv up, it's gonna be a blast to play. The wait will be worth it.

    Forgot To Mention: I know there's alot of Chandelure fans out there, but I have somewhat bad news. As I've said, I been working on Beta 2 already & I'm currently at the 7th major city events and well...Litwick is finally making it's appearance. I know that's pretty deep in the hack for such a highly loved pokemon, but it fits the area. It's in the same castle as the Yugi/Giratina event. Sorry guys, no Chandelure for awhile...