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    I know I've been like super slow with updates lately. Not sure why, I just haven't been spriting very often. I've done a little poking around, but no results to show yet. I was working with Poke World, but editing the Koopalings has thus far been obnoxious. I'd link to a video of the work I did on it, but it's pretty bad and I'm usually against showing off work that the maker knows is bad. I'll try and tweak it to the best I can do when I'm more ready to tackle that.

    Yet I finally finished up the over worlds for that RPG I'm working on. Next up will be battle sprites.

    All 8 protagonists are now done. Ryu is the main character, dual swords and wind magic. Raizou is my usual big buff axe and lightning wield Asgardian. Shun-Yu is the wacky Chinese Hopping Vampire. Moonblade is a mystic sword user type. Ray is a mixture of black and white magic. Shroomette is a blatant visual rip off and healer. Vargas is the team mimic, he copies spells and what not. Ira is a black mage. The columns sort of represent the character owners.
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