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    Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

    Daricka awoke to find that the previously empty room had filled up over the night, and now thieves lay sleeping on the floor. First checking to make sure nothing was missing from it, she gathered up her pack and weaved through the bodies strewn out all over the floor, careful not to wake anyone as she made her way to the door.

    Most of the others had already arrived by the time she got to the Decreement, so Daricka sat down to wait, once more using Calm Mind to prepare herself for the fight ahead. She opened her eyes when Roswell walked out of the building and nodded to them. "I thought I'd see you guys out, make sure everything is in order. My scouts have been out at the ambush site all morning. They're not at the site yet, but should be there soon. Good news is, from what they've been able to scout, there seems to be no sign of a Sentinel," the Lucario said.

    The news that there didn't seem to be a Sentinel both relieved and bothered Daricka. It would make their job much easier, but it also meant they wouldn't be able to use this chance to get another one of the Silver Tribe out of the way. Still, there was no way of guaranteeing that a Sentinel wouldn't show up later in the fight, and it was probably for the better that one didn't.

    "If there's nothing else, I'd say its time for you to move out," Roswell concluded.

    "Hold on a moment," Vigil interrupted, stepping forward. "I want to say something to my brothers and sisters before they go." Roswell crossed his arms and nodded, and Vigil turned to them. "Brothers. Sisters. It pains me not to be able to go with you on this one. But I know you're in good hands. You'll see this mission through to the end just like you have with everyone other one you've encountered thus far. Good luck. Stay safe."

    "Arceus protect you, brothers and sisters," Sword and Shield chimed in.

    "We'll be back before you know it. Don't worry!" Guardia grinned, before those of them going were teleported to the ambush site.

    When Daricka next opened her eyes, she recognized the place they had been the day before, where the ambush would be taking place. A Beedrill broke off from the rest of the thieves preparing themselves and spoke to them. "Right, the king says you'd be comin'. Ok, here's what's going on. All the traps are set from yesterday. The Ancients should be coming in from the west with the prisoners. We don't know exactly how many, we never got a chance to get a good count, but there seems to be around a hundred or so. But there might be more. No Sentinel spotted."

    "Ha! Only a hundred? And no Sentinel? This'll be cake!" Guardia laughed.

    "I don't think it'll be that's still a hundred, and we have to be on guard if the have reinforcements," Dark Lightning added.

    "Right,'s going to be the bait?" Calamity asked.

    "Two of my men will do it," The Beedrill said, pointing his stinger at a Houndour and Poochyena. "They'll cause the Ancients to rush forward and fall into the traps, and then I'll send in my sleep and stun teams. They'll cause even more confusion, which will be your chance to strike and get to the king's bro and the other prisoners. Sounds about right?"

    "Seems so," Calamity said softly. "...Now what?"

    "Now..." Dark Lightning began, "...I assume we wait. Any last information or pointers we should know about, or should we get into position?"

    Daricka gazed around, her expression hard. Defender was right; a lot could go wrong with this plan of his. But it was all they had to work with, so it would have to do.