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    Amaterasu Aoi

    Discount cruise lines... if one was even to call it that. If anything, Amaterasu had spent only three-hundred PokeYen for a trip from Olivine City to Thayla Island, just off the coast of Sinnoh. Not to mention the 'captain' had been engaging, and he had a deccent supply of in-flight snacks in his saddle bag, as promised, as well has having enough space for a rolling suitcase and a Ninetales. The only thing Amaterasu didn't know upon purchasing her ticket was that she'd be riding on the back of a Lapras. Then again, that's what one gets for saving money.

    After traveling all night, the Pokemon finally arrived at the island's port, swimming into a small slip as if he was a boat. The teenager grabbed her belongings, as well as her Ninetales, who was afraid to make the jump over the water onto the dock, and strode off the Pokemon's back. Amaterasu set her fox Pokemo down and looked at her. "So... we're at how many years of curses now Recca? Was it fifty thousand something?"
    The Ninetales cocked her head, sighing before letting out a soft "Niiiiiiiiine." This joke had been getting old now. Even someone as superstitious as Amaterasu knew full well that the thousand-year curse for touching a Ninetales' tail was a legend and nothing more... as far as they knew. At least Recca had never managed to curse anyone, not that she'd want to.

    Amaterasu watched as the Lapras tipped his head to her and swam off. Did this Transport Pokemon really have a business ferrying humans across the water? He didn't seem to have any sort of human Trainer or partner. The receptionist at Olivine's port made no hesitation to sell Amaterasu her ticket, so she must have known about this. It was a bizzare way to get to ths Grand Tournament, but she had made it.

    "Okay, where to now, my friend?," the young woman asked, looking at Recca calmly. The Ninetales turned around, pointing a tail at a nearby sign labled 'Admissions' with an arrow pointing toward the end of the harbor. "Right, we should check in first." Amaterasu had always been a bit of a scatterbrain when it came to the modern way of doing things, but she always had Recca to offer assistance. If it weren't for the Fox Pokemon, she would be unable to use a computer to this day.

    Inside the complex, Amaterasu was directed to a large desk, where she was given a leather portfolio containing everything she was told that she needed for the tournament. The girl frowned. "My room key should be in here, but I can't find it," she bluntly told the receptionist, staring curiously at a plastic card with a picture of Giratina and a black stripe. The woman at the service counter appeared puzzled, but spoke sternly, "Miss, you're looking right at it... that's your key."

    Amaterasu picked up the card and fiddled with it. "This talisman... it's my key?," she asked, retaining her blunt tone. "It's so floppy, it's just going to bend when I try to turn it in the lock." She had little experience with the workings of modern technology, and had never seen an electronic key. This thing looked like the paper talismans she used to ward of evil spirits, except it was made of plastic. The miko was still expecting the receptionist to give her a grooved piece of metal to insert into a lock. Instead, the woman narrowed her eyes at her and answered, "It's an electronic keycard.... You slide it through... you'll understand when you reach your room."

    "Right. Thanks," Amaterasu answered, leaving the building with Reccan and her rolling suitcase in tow. As she walked toward the Distortion house, she pored over the information given to her about the tournament, and the person with whom she had been partnered. According to the pamphlet, her name was Eria Estella, and she was from Hearthome City here in the Sinnoh region- a local. Of course, where she came from had little bearing on the events that were to unfold; what Amaterasu needed above all else was a strong partner to assist her in the tournament and stop whatever dark force was presnet here. They had to win, not for the prize money for the glory, but for the sake of humanity and Pokemon alike.

    Recca stopped her Trainer again as she continued to read absent-mindedly and nearly walked past the entrance to the Distortion house. She wrapped a tail around Amaterasu's leg and yanked gently. "Right.... sixty thousand years now, thanks Recca," she mumbled, putting the portfolio down so she could actually pay attention to where she was going. The building looked impressive enough from the outside, with a large Giratina-shaped sign over the main doorway. Alert, the duo walked inside.

    Amaterasu took a turn down a hallway, arriving at room 1D on the ground floor, just like the directions indicated. Taking out the card key, she eyed it curiously, her gaze shifting back and forth between it and the strange mechanism on the door. At first, she tried placing the key on the handle, but nothing happened. Then she put it in the slot, but the magnetic strip faced outward. The room remained locked to her. She would have tried again, but Recca jumped up, snatching the key in her mouth. The Ninetales stood on her hind legs, running the card correctly through the slot. A green light flashed, and the door unlocked.

    The young miko and her Pokemon both smiled as they looked over their accomidations. It was quite a step up from the small bedroom they shared at home, which contained little more than a futon, a low table and cushions, and a dresser. This suite had everything: seperate bedrooms for Amaterasu and her partner (though it still seemed they would have to share a bathroom), kitchenette, a shelf filled with books, as well as a television and advanced stereo system.

    "We need to protect our chambers from any evil spirits," Amaterasu commented, opening up her suitcase. She took out a few talismans and began sticking them on a wall, but Recca was completely uninterested. Already, she was lying on the couch and fiddling with the remote control for the television. "Okay, fine," her Trainer commented plainly. "I guess you do know my weakness. We can wait a bit, but we have to put them on before sunset." She sat down on the sofa next to her Pokemon, flipping through the channels.

    "The heck?" Amaterasu's eyes widened as she saw a bizzare image on the screen for a second. She flipped back to the channel it was on and stared. Looking back at her was a crudely drawn image of a young boy holding a sword and wearing a strange hat that looked like a Cubchoo. At his side was a Stoutland, who suddenly began talking and stretching his legs far beyond reason. Quickly, the miko picked up a talisman and jumped toward the television. "Evil spirit...... BE GONE!!!," Amaterasu shouted at the top of her lungs while Recca just slapped her own face with her paw. Her Trainer sat back down again after coming to a realization. "Nevermind... it's just one of those silly cartoons from Unova.... sorry. Oh well, let's see what this show is like anyway."
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