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    Thanks for that Billy--, that should help out for now. And I see what you mean about making the items spawn now. The current scripts will spawn things on only one specific tile (the one you can till), so it should be really simple actually to change it to spawn things on other maps with that same tile as well. Which makes me think I probably need to add multiple selectable farms to the kit, and only setup the house on the one you pick. I may also remove the barn and coop, and make them purchasable and positionable on the map. I'll probably work on that at the same time as the house decorating system (since the algorithm is pretty much identical). I was also planning on adapting that system for Essentials as well (for secret bases).

    @IceGod64: I guess you could say it's like Animal Crossing. They're both non-violent games that are more or less about everyday life. There are some common features between them too (in some HMs you can change clothes like in Animal Cross, both have fishing, and you interact and build relationships with the townspeople in both, as well as some other things probably). I added a general overview of what Harvest Moon is to the main post for everyone who doesn't know what Harvest Moon is.

    Also, I will be working full time starting next week, so updates will be slowed a bit further. I'll still be checking in periodically and working on the kit though. The next release will be enormous if I finish the to do list I have for it.
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