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From the shadows of the ferry that had transported the Sinnoh locals to the island, a single figure watched from the shadows of the hallways that lines the transport. The bright pink eyes danced around, observing, waiting for the bulk of the passengers to depart from the traveling watercraft. When the coast eventually cleared, a frail looking girl stepped out into the light, adjusting the tiny, black top hat that sat on an angle upon her head of aqua hair.

With a sigh, Eria Estella pushed herself to leave the ship, despite the unsettling feeling she had in her stomach. Traveling by boat was apparently another trial in life that made her feel unwell, and waltzing out into the hot sun in a black dress was not going to help any. Plus, with her extremely pale complexion, she put herself at a high risk of burning... Why did she forget sunscreen, again?

As the ill-dressed girl navigated her way towards the check-in identified by the signs scattered around the pathway, she made a point to walk far off to the side in an attempt to avoid running into too many people. Her personality and upbringing was not at all compatible with crowds, and such a large number of people and Pokemon gathering in one place was a little more than intimidating for her. She was going to have to overcome her discomfort at some point, though, that was part of the reason she had run away from home to come out here. Well, that and the reward money that could hopefully pay her way through some medical treatments that could improve her health. The last thing she needed here, though, was to get sick or have her heart act up again. For now, however, she continued along with her eyes glued to the ground, only looking up on occasion to check her bearings.

"E-Eria Estella..." The girl quietly mumbled her name as it was requested of her at her check-in, getting her a few strange looks. Her form of dress was flashy, but her body looked small and weak. She knew she looked a little younger than she actually was as a result, but she was really sixteen! Eria had no issue receiving her key, and made a bee-line for her House with hopes of getting out of the crowded outdoors as soon as possible.

The Distortion House - her temporary home as mentioned by her pamphlet - thankfully wasn't too far away. Although when she approached the door 1D, she took a moment to catch her breath. Glancing down at the pamphlet, she examined the name of her partner. Amaterasu Aoi? What an odd name... I wonder what she's like though? Her pale face lit up with a dull pink as she thought about this partner. Could they be friends, she wondered? Having no problems with the lock, she poked her head into the room. "H-hello?" She called.

"Evil spirit...... BE GONE!!!" came a loud and sudden reply to her question, causing Eria to panic. "S-sorry!" She exclaimed in a high squeak as her head retreated into the hallway once more, the door slamming behind her. Freaked out, she put her back against the door in order to catch her breath. "Wh-wh-what was that?"

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