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    Originally Posted by Kagebunji View Post
    I have a question, do pokemon sprites need to be made by copy/paste method, or can they be customed? Doing custom stuff is much easier for me, so it would be great if it was possible.

    I ask, because Darguis is clearly a sprite made from copy/pasting, Darkrai's body, Rayquaza arms etc. Is it a must?

    Edit: I tried to add some shading to Sydney, perhaps you can look closer and tell me wheter it will be ok?
    Edit2: Derp, I know I am rushing it, but these sprites are soo cute :3
    By copy\pasting do you mean fusions from other sprites?

    No copy\pasting isn't a must, you can really just made custom sprites if you want but it'll take a lot of work for me, just make the old sprites as your reference...

    And about the sprites you posted I have already fix there errors and I already send those to DRG so there's no need for that..

    For now you can make custom sprites to our older sprites by having them posed differently just make sure they're in 16 colors and in 64x64...

    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    OK, guys. I'm done with the recolor. Tell me if you still want a redo.

    Nice it looks, much, much better now.....