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    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    My problem with Wario was never that I didn't think he was a big enough deal to warrant being in Smash Bros, it was that he's just an annoying and awkward character to control. I can't play well with him and I find it boring having to play with him because I'm just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying it.
    Aw, really? I thought he came out pretty natural and had a blast playing him. I didn't find him awkward personally, but very unique. But I dunno, preferences I guess.
    I think you could just learn more about him.
    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    But yeah I'm sorry, King Dedede is just terrible. In my opinion he is the worst character in this or any Smash Bros game that has or will ever come into existence. He is both awkward and slow as hell, and people can hit you three or four times before he'd even get the chance to swing his goddamn hammer. The only way I can play as him with any degree of effectiveness is if I spam that attack where he jumps really high in the air and then comes down and crushes everybody. Outside of that, I find him utterly useless.

    So I was genuinely shocked when I found out that people were jizzing their pants over him and making him their main. I just... I don't get it!
    He's actually the fastest largest character. Are you just using his smashes or did you use some of his tilts? I don't really play him but I thought he actually had very decent pokes. He actually has pretty decent range in his moves.

    And a lot of people been wanting him since Smash 64 lol. He's hugely popular, especially to the kirby fans, since he's technically the main villain. If you ask me, he's a lot like Bowser, but instead he's not so often the final boss like Bowser and actually has a more likeable character.

    Anyway, I talked about stages and characters, but I never thought about the music...strange.
    Personally I want Tiki Tong's song from DKCR. To me, that song defined DKCR, and it's actually the main theme in my eyes. I mean ears! It absolutely shows how the Tikis are much more villainous and threatening than your usual goofy Kremling. I'd be damned if they add King K.Rool as a character and not a single Tiki appearance in the game. (King K.Rool is just a wannabe Dedede who just isn't as lovable as him. The only reason he's even popular is because of damned nostalgia.) Also I personally loved Palm Tree Groove as it also defined DKCR to me.

    The other I want is Emperor Breath. When it comes to F-Zero GX, they haven't added that many songs. I love Shotgun Kiss and Planet Colors in Brawl, but they didn't fit. The above I mentioned is a perfect song for this kind of game, even if it's an obscure one that just appeared in a boss fight a lot of people couldn't manage to reach him. (lol chapter 7 being hard as hell) And if they did, I'd bet you they're too focused on beating the boss to notice the music playing lol. If you want a more popular pick, I suppose Night of Big Blue, rainbow Phantom Road or even GX's Fire Field are good picks, but I'd take Emperor Breath over them any day.

    Now for some Wario Land picks since it's a favorite of mine. Now, I didn't play any Wario Land game EXCEPT 4. And god that game had such awesome soundtrack they could just use ANYTHING. It's a shame that only warioware had music but not wario land.
    Want proof? Here's four for you.
    I can especially imagine the 4th one being so fitting.

    More wario! But this time it's waioware. Since they included every english song in Warioware in Brawl, they should add one specific song since D.I.Y is out now. As much as I love Mona Pizza, Jimmy's Aerobics is the finest choice of songs to add.
    What? It's not fitting enough? Just watch this and notice how hype it gets when it speeds up.
    I also want Spitz and Dribble's BGM in the first game but it's not a fitting song at all. At least it does appear in the Warioware Medley in Brawl and it fits right in. But one particular music in the medley should be its own song, and that's the title theme of the first game. Seriously, it's actually pretty hype, and I don't even get the choice of the menu music over it in Brawl.
    We got music for the first game (Medley, Menu) Twisted! (Mona Pizza) and Touched! (Ashley and Mike's songs) and Jimmy's Aerobics should fit right in for D.I.Y. Sadly I didn't play Smooth Moves! enough to remember any particular song. :(

    Now for Kid Icarus: Uprising...obvious choice is obvious - The Boss theme. Just add that and I'm OK with any other music in the game.

    Skyward Sword is obviously gonna have music, bu personally I can't think of anything memorable to me except Eldin Volcano.

    I was about to forget Punch-Out! It's bad enough Lil Mac isn't a character, but we definitely NEED a song from the Wii game. Personally, Mr. Sandman's battle theme is my first choice. I know it's just a remix of the main theme, and they could just use that, but Sandman is technically the final boss and his theme fits much better in the game imo. Hell, I wouldn't mind Sandman as a character in the game. Sadly they'd probably go for King Hippo instead, even if he's the worst choice as a boxer. (Not necessarily a character.)
    Seriously though, just look at sandman.

    EDIT: Holy! I was about to forget Rhythm Heaven! That game NEEDS something in Smash, especially this. It'd be criminal NOT to.

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