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Originally Posted by mapsal313 View Post
Thank you very much, Nerketur. That will help!

Also, in case you wonder why asked specifially for chatot, it is because me and a friend, one day when we were bored in class, we started what we call "Guild Stories", which is funny dialogs between the pokemon from the guild. And two of the pokemon were arguing (I think Loudred with someone, I don't remember clearly) and Chatot came to separate them and my friend said "Here comes the little plucked bird with the note on the head and when someone farts he wants to smell". Needless to say we were laughing the whole day after that. And now, with your tool, I can make that in the game! Thanks again!
You're welcome, and that sounds interesting!

Also... A bit of news. My next release will be next week or later. Not this week. Might even release it a week from today. =) The only promise I can give, is that I'll release it by the beginning of August.
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