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Ryudo meets Malik

"Huh... Wha-OH!" Ryudo jumped up from his dazed sleeping state as he noticed a familliar face appear above him. "What, who... I uhh, wasn't..." He rubbed his eyes and began to think clearly. "Oh, you must be Malik, I saw your picture in the contest guide we were handed! I see you found the room then; my name's Ryudo - it's a pleasure to meet you." Ryudo pegged the man staring at him as looking at least 22, probably even older. Wow, I wasn't expecting a partner like this... He seems pretty old, at least he'll have some decent battle experience. I hope he's not too strong for me... Ryudo shook the man's hand before introducing himself in the manner he'd been taught by Candice.
"Sorry, please forgive my rudeness. As I said, I'm Ryudo, pleased to meet you. I'm 19 and from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh, ever heard of it? It's this quiet city atop a large mountain surrounded by thick forests and numerous caves, and its constantly covered in snow; it's quite beautiful, especially in the Winter." He thought quickly about how he must be sounding to the towering experienced man and quickly changed pace. "Ahem, anyway. I've spent the past 10 years of my life as an adventurer throughout the lands of Sinnoh and Unova. I've met countless people and Pokémon along the way, all of whom I challenged and defeated with ease, and I've even won several big tournaments in the past." This was of course the superficial version of Ryudo's life that he was using to impress his new partner, but he wasn't going to let that show. He knew he could hold his own in a battle and he wasn't going to let his partner think otherwise just because of his age. "Here, meet my Pokémon - Bronzong and Garbodor."

Ryudo gracefully flicked his wrist as the Pokéballs released, opening onto the ground. Arising from the balls in bright blue flashes arised Bronzong and Garbodor, both of which sensed the need to impress and began to pose accordingly. Bronzong extended its arms and used its powers to give itself a powerful pink shine whilst Garbodor prepared its cannon ready to fire. The two looked at each other confidently as if they were age-old rivals preparing for yet another stand-off that'd end in nothing other than a tie before turning to face the mystery man. "Oh, and here's Emolga."

Ryudo chuckled as he turned around, revealing the flying squirrel Pokémon that was clinging to the back of his head asleep. He gave the Electric Pokémon a quick nudge as it awoke from its slumber. "E-Emol? Emolga!" Emolga quickly jumped away from Ryudo's head before attempting to impress with a display of gliding around the room which, despite knocking over and breaking three seperate items, was pretty graceful to watch. Emolga finally ended the display by landing on Garbodor's shoulder and sparking its cheeks energetically - she obviously shared Ryudo's personallity.

"Me and Emolga here have been partners since the very beginning; ever since one terrifying night in a forest being chased by wild-" Ryudo stopped in his speech realising that being chased by wild Luxio wouldn't make for an impressive story to this experienced man, so he took it upon himself to make the story more interesting and so cleared his throat. "Ahem, being chased by a whole herd of wild raging Tauros, accompanied by Skarmory launching an arial assult, and there was even a Moltres at one point! Then Emolga here only had to let out one tiny spark, and it was so strong that all the Pokémon ran away crying!" Ryudo was pretty sure that he'd over-sold it, confirmed by Emolga rolling her eyes with a smirk, but he wasn't going to change his story now.

"So that's us in a nutshell; how about you?"
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