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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    They aren't evil; they're doing what they're doing because they think it'll improve the world. They're actively trying to help people rather than hinder them, so I don't understand why they only use evil-associated Pokémon. With teams like the Rockets, it's obvious that they should be using these Pokémon because they're trying to take over the world, not improve it. But I don't think Aqua/Magma should appear as evil like that.
    At first I was going to argue that while they think they're doing good, they're also causing a lot of problems for other people in the process, but I actually see what you're trying to say. Why would a team that thinks it's doing good only use Pokemon that are supposed to be 'evil'?

    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    So what are you hoping to see for your team in the RSEmakes, then? Like better/more varied Pokémon, more hideouts, etc.
    Well there are a lot of new Pokemon out there now, and so I'd have not objections if the Hoenn Dex was expanded a bit. There just aren't a whole lot of fire alternatives for Magma. Maybe they could use ground or rock types?

    I also would love to see them (or any team for that matter) have more involvement in the storyline, or at least more well tied together involvement.