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Oliver Smith
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→S.S. Isabella

Oliver lay across several leather seats inside the lounge of the large sea vessel known as the S.S. Isabella, a recently built ship that’s current aim was to bring the latest batch of students to the Pokémon Trainer Academy. The male waited impatiently for the boat to dock, so he could finally see what was so great about the school his parents had forced him to attend, rather than set off on his journey. Oliver wasn’t the only boy on the ship, the lounge was crowded with nervous youngsters in their early teenage years. Some were politely making conversation with others, others comparing Pokémon. Oliver, still in a bad mood, rebuffed any attempts of the others to try and communicate. However, not too long after, he couldn’t help join in the banter-filled atmosphere of the boat now that everyone had gotten acquainted. Once the Captain alerted everyone onboard that there was still a good hour of travel to go before the ship reached its destination, several of the to-be students began to insist on Pokémon battles. Oliver himself, was one of the many who demanded a battle. After a few minutes, Oliver encountered someone willing to battle. His opponent was of the opposite sex, she was a female of about 15. She was tall, matching Oliver for height (not counting his hair). Her features were well proportioned, her eyes a dazzling blue and her chocolate brown hair falling below her shoulders. The girl wore a grey and black chequered shirt, buttoned fully and a pair of skinny jeans as well as a pair of white high-top converse. Oliver was immediately attracted to the girl. She announced herself as Eleanor.

‘Nice to meet you,’ Oliver spoke calmly, not wanting to embarrass himself.

‘You too,’ the girl responded, unclipping a fist-sized capsule from her belt. Oliver mimicked her actions, selecting the ball on the right of the three that currently inhabited his belt. Both spheres were launched into the air, opening harmoniously and ejecting beams of bright white lights into the surrounding area, momentarily blinding both of the trainers. In front of the female flopped a small, arguably ugly fish. I immediately distinguished the Pokémon as Feebas. In front of Oliver stoop an average sized, cream-wooled sheep known as Mareep.

As the male evaluated the battle, he let out a small laugh. Within moments of the battles beginning it was over. A simple Thundershock from Mareep was enough for the Feebas to faint. The female was quick to recall her fish and flee from the area. Oliver just grinned and also left the lounge. He exited the interior of the ship in favour of the deck, closely tailed by Mareep. Upon arriving outside Oliver released his other Pokémon; Teddiursa and Gloom. The quartet absorbed the sea air, took in the sights of the sea and took a rest on the deck chairs that occupied the area. Oliver quickly dozed off.

After what felt like moments later, Oliver was awoken by a member of the S.S. Isabella staff. He was informed of the arrival at the academy in the next few minutes. Oliver thanked the male before returning to his feet and recalling his Pokémon to their capsules for easy transport. The boy gazed out to sea, seeing the academy. It was impressive, he had to admit. He just smiled wryly as the ship docked. He made his way onto the large island and immediately approached the large academy. Upon entry, he visited reception and was told he was to wait in the assembly hall with the other new students. The male merely nodded and made his way to the hall, before taking a seat that was situated in the middle of the hall.

After all of the new students had arrived, the school secretary and some other members of staff took their places at the front of the room. They each gave a speech about what it should mean to us to be at this prestigious school, something I just laughed off mentally. They then explained to us about the different dorms; Suicune, Entei and Raikou. Each informing us how much potential we supposedly have with Suicune being the highest and Raikou, the lowest. Name after name was called out, before the dorm was also called out. There were only a few Suicune’s when Oliver heard my name.

‘Oliver Smith,’ a shrill voice of a middle aged woman called out, it was the secretary. The male held his breath momentarily in anticipation before she concluded, ‘Entei dorm.’ He sighed before standing up, making his way up to the staff members, shaking their hands and collecting his red blazer. Oliver immediately departed the room and exited the building, throwing his new blazer on over his hoodie. He decided to give the grounds a quick once over.
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