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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    Yup! COSPLAY! Just my thing! And I'm big on toys, too! Totally check out Hobby Link japan for their deals on Japanese import toys! And yes! I agree I love to connect. I've met like.. 6 PC members IRL, and knew another 3 active members too <3 Horray PC is a real community.

    Seriously I'd love to show you around just about anywhere on PC. I am rubbish at the pokemon sections though, because I'm not into it as much anymore, but I can definitely help with any questions or forum rules or whatnot.

    I'm also more big on traditional art than pixel art. Just let me know if you'd rather do something more along the pokemon route whilst you're here.. or if you would rather branch out into the other forums.. so you could pick between Toujours (she's poke-savvy and awesome) or me!
    So have I been officially adopted by Kura? I'm actually not sure. :p

    Can anyone also help me get started? like creating icons and sigs?