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    ۝ STORY ۝

    Five years ago in the Hoenn Region, Mossdeep Labs preformed a top secret experiment using technology from several neighboring regions. Though it was promised that the project would be made public after its launch, the project failed horribly and was never made public. Because of this, a quiet mistrust arose between several of the regions involved. The Sinnoh, Hoenn, Kanto, and even Johto regions were beginning to close borders to keep the other regions from using their technology, be it a machine to restore fossils, or even the newest Poketech App.

    Closed borders and tension between regions caused for a significant decline in the amount of trainers in each respective region. With the exception of the Unova region, only a handful of trainers would keep to the trade, the divided regions unable to support trainers on their own.

    The distrust became stronger over the next five years until finally, to calm this issue once and for all, five pokemon legends, using their influence in the pokemon world, created the Spectrum Islands, and with the reluctant permission of the main regions, invited trainers to take the ultimate challenge.

    "Who can make it to Battle Islands Final Challenge? Are you ready to become a pokemon legend?"

    The event seemed to be similar to a gym challenge, but very few details about it were disclosed. Almost all the public knew was that the event took place in a group of islands far from the disputing regions, Originally an empty region save for a small population of pokemon, it had recently gone under some changes in preparation for the event. These were the Spectrum Islands.

    On all the fliers and announcements for the island there was this message:

    "Sponsored by Elite Four Lance, Pokemaster Red, The Pokemon Professor Oak, and two anonymous supporters."

    But trouble is brewing on the Spectrum Islands, and for a particular group of criminals, there was an entirely different sort of invite.

    "Loyal members from the teams Galactic and Rocket, come to the Spectrum Islands, for I have need of your skills."

    Though there are many entries, only the select few with the most potential are given the ticket and badge case required to get to the island. These lucky trainers wait to board the plane that will take them to the Spectrum Islands, and the greatest pokemon adventure to this day.


    This RP ties into the Pokemon universe through the games, and partly the manga (though mostly for names). This list will be updated with any important names of characters or terms, so be sure to check back.


    ۞ PEOPLE ۞

    Champion Red - The second trainer to become Pokemon Champion. After he resigned, he left to train more. His skills are known to be legendary. A proprietor to the Spectrum Islands Challenge.

    Green Oak - First ever Pokemon Champion and a respected Gym Leader. His attitude has stayed with him since his childhood, but he is actually a nice person at heart. He is also the grandson of the world-renowned Professor Oak.

    The Elusive Blue - A solo working thief, though the moniker has passed on through many trainers, the trainer is always a female who specializes in stealing pokemon.

    Fox Silver - Elite trainer and son of Giovanni, the founder of Team Rocket. Despite his heritage, he was heavily involved in the fight against Team Neo Rocket.

    Ethan Gold - Fourth Pokemon Champion. He was an important part of the battle against Team Neo Rocket.

    Lucas Platinum- An elite trainer who, despite being not very well known, has a small fan club in Sinnoh.

    Maya Ruby - Pokemon Coordinator, and one of the three trainers responsible for the defeat of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

    Wallace Sapphire- A gym leader, Pokemon Champion, and one of the three trainers responsible for the defeat of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

    Steven Stone - The sixth Pokemon Champion and one of the three trainers responsible for the defeat of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

    N - A kind-hearted trainer that now works with Dracon and Galactic Charity. He has been nicknamed Junsui Shinko, meaning "pure heart child."

    Daisy Oak - Sister to Green and Granddaughter of Oak. She is a kind person who rarely ever uses her pokemon for battle.

    Pokemon Professor Oak - The inventor of the original Pokedex and a well respected scientist. he is one of the proprietors to the Spectrum Islands Challenge.

    Giovanni Silver - Founder of The original Team Rocket and an ex-gym leader. He is rumored to be one of the anonymous proprietors.

    Professor Micheal Woods - One of the head scientists at Mossdeep Labs. He was too frightened by what happened during the incident to speak of it.

    Professor Alerce - One of the head scientists at Mossdeep Labs. He disappeared during the incident.


    Team Rocket - Giovanni's original group of criminals. It has been disbanded for ten years.

    Team Neo Rocket- A revived version of Giovanni's group that focused mostly on the Johto region. It was disbanded at roughly the same time as the teams Aqua and Magma.

    Team Aqua and Team Magma- Rival criminal organizations that wreaked havoc in the Hoenn region. Both have been disbanded for six years.

    Team Plasma - A group that formed and disbanded during the four years after the Mossdeep Incident.

    Galactic - A criminal organization that formed six years ago. During the Mossdeep Incident, it went under a reform and has been a charity business for the last four years.

    Dracon - A charity group in Hoenn. Its activity skyrocketed after the Mossdeep Incident.

    Battle Frontier- A place where Elite Trainers gather. It has stopped operating for the duration of the Spectrum Islands Challenge.

    Pocket Monsters- The original term for pokemon. It's rarely used now-a-days.

    Mossdeep Incident- A top secret experiment that was never made public due to its failure. Because of it, the regions began to close their borders.

    Dwebble and a Dunce - A popular comedy show hosted by a Comedian with a Dwebble on his head. It has been airing only reruns since the Mossdeep Incident. (similar to "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Worlds Funniest Animals")

    Pokemon Channelers - Trainers that can synchronize with their pokemons' minds and give commands to them without speaking. They are said to be no more than a rumor though.

    Elite Trainer - These trainers aren't a champion or elite four member, but they're just as strong as one. Fox Silver is one of the most famous Elite trainers.

    Evolution Cancel - A technique that requires a specific badge. It can be used to cancel the evolution of a pokemon.

    ۝ MAP ۝

    ۝ RULES ۝

    ♦ All PC rules apply.
    ♦ No god-modding. There will be no need since I will set up points for you to show off often.
    ♦ This is T-Rated, but no REAL swear words (use pokemon terms instead)
    ♦ If I ask you to change something, please do.
    ♦ The Show is NOT a good reference for basing your info.
    ♦ If your character has a Pokedex, do not use it on a Pokemon if there is an X next to its name or photo. That means the pokemon is unique in some way, and I will PM you the Pokedex entry for it.
    ♦ If you join late, wait for me to write you in.
    ♦ You may submit NPCs related to your character to me via PM. I will usually find some way to work them in.
    ♦ If you are going to be absent for more than a week, let me know so I can adjust the story to give you the time you need.
    ♦ If you have questions, don't EVER hesitate to ask. Chances are I haven't considered everything.
    ♦ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon items will be used, as well as few items I made myself. If you don't recognize an item feel free to ask as your character, or in an out of character PM (or use the OOC Thread here)
    ♦ Pokemon will level up after 4 battles when under level 21, and after 8 battles when level 21 or more. If I slip up, let me know.
    ♦ If you've read the rules all the way through, name your favorite Pokeball at the beginning of your post.
    ♦ Make sure to Keep an open mind and have fun

    ۞ SU Form ۞

    Trainer Name: (first and last)
    Trainer Type:
    Trendy Title: (two words ex: Stinkin' Rich, Very Shy, Super Pumped)
    Home Region:
    Bio: (Just go over the last four years)
    Key Item of Choice:
    Aura Color: (whatever you think works)
    Pokemon Team: (1-3 pokemon. see starting pokemon rules)
    ۞ Rules for Starting Pokemon ۞
    1. Total levels of pokemon must equal 30 or less. (ex.three lv10s, or two lv15s, or even one lv20, but not three lv16, or two lv20s.)

    2. No 5th Gen, Legendary or fake pokemon. (Shiny ONLY if I okay it.)

    3. Can have one hold item out of:
    Binding Band
    Black Belt
    Green Scarf
    Blue Scarf
    Choice Band
    Choice Scarf
    Expert Belt
    Focus Band
    Muscle Band
    Pink Bow/Scarf
    Red Scarf
    Silk Scarf
    Yellow Scarf

    PM me for info about this project.

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