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    The max. in the E4 is like 52, so Level 48 should suffice.

    I don't really like Krookodile, maybe you could replace him with Golurk? It is double "Ghosting" though, but Golurk can also fly you around places. He's truly amazing. :3

    For Chandelure, REMOVE SHADOWBALL WITH HEX IF YOU WANT WOW. WoW is Will o Wisp... It will do STAB and the extra bonus with WoW. Much stronger than ShadowBall imo.

    If you possibly can.. REPLACE Conkeldurr with Meoletta or Terrakion. They both are good tanks and are also fighting types (pirouette form).

    Another good tank would be a Ferrothorn in place of your Whimsicott. You could teach it Thunderwave, leech seed, and protect.. And just survive with that beast. That thing will be a devil, as long as you're far away from fire types.
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