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    I would love to join, as I share your pain in retail as well. Infact I had to work today. I work at a grocery store, as a checker so yes I deal with bad customers. Sometimes they can be back to back, other times I won't have a bad one, etc. Today I had a horribly rude woman. I always say "Hi how are you today?" I hope to get a response, well a good one at least. When they say "Okay" I don't like it. Honestly, I would love for them to ask how i'm doing. So I thought whatever, and I checked her out. She only had 2 items a 20 case of beer and creme horns. So I scanned the beer and the creme horns and told her the total. She pays, and then as I give her the receipt I said "Here you go" which is what I normally do. I wait for the customer to either say "thank you, have a nice day" or just "thank you" but no, this b*tch yanks the reciept from my hands and just moved the cart away. Now the woman before her had left her cart, but she moved it so I could scan her beer. That cart she moved was in my way and of course she just left it there when she left. So I didn't tell her "Have a nice day" because she didn't deserve it. >.< On a positive note, last Thursday a regular customer who's usually really crabby towards me apologized for how he treated me and even said "You seem like a nice person, and I hated how I treated you. I'm sorry, i'm going through a divorce right now." I felt sorry for the guy and I was shocked to see that a customer actually apologized for being rude. It finally made me realize that not all people suck. :D

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