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Okay, I'm going to be completely honest here. It's not nearly good enough. You don't seem to have decided on a single style for your graphics is very jarring. Your overworld sprites seem to have some sort of Earthbound/Mother 3 thing going for them, and while it's a nice enough style it doesn't suit either the HGSS or FRLG tiles which are both incredibly different stylistically and having them in the same game is just perplexing. And the sprites you posted with the list of factions are basically useless to anyone viewing the thread as you've watermarked the hell out of them so the finer details can't be seen, making it kind of useless to display them at all.

I see you posted a screenshot from your map editor, but that just confuses things further - if you have a map editor why are you going to such great lengths to create duplicates of the maps from the official games when even those can feel cramped when one player is running around?

All in all it just feels like you've posted this project way too soon, and while you may be working hard on it, I've seen much better posted hereabouts.

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