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    All of the Mirage Legends (the small guys Mew, Celebi, Jiranchi, Shaymin, Victini, Meleotta) as well as Event Only Pokemon are usually banned from the In Game events. Genesect isn't listed because it doesn't technically exist yet.

    From Serebii:

    Two new Wi-Fi downloads of Pokémon World Tournaments have begun. These tournaments both have different rules and currently have no end date known at this point.
    First is the Gathered! Gym Leader! tournament. This tournament features various Gym Leaders of the regions with teams that they did not have before. This is a Double Battle tournament and requires you to choose 4 Pokémon
    Second is the Challenge the Champion, Lance! tournament. This tournament features the Champion Lance and Gym Leaders, again with teams they didn't have before. These are Single Battles and require you to choose 3 Pokémon
    We'll work out teams from these and update as soon as possible.