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Originally Posted by Eri Kamei View Post
Hehehe! I wanna join! ^^

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Does the amount of screentime dedicated to Team Rocket in BW bothers you? How?
-Well, Pokemon BW is not aired in Latinoamerica yet, but I saw something about it in Internet. Hmm, yes, I think it bothers me becouse -im glad they have accended ^^ - but like they are now more "professional" they just appear like 5 min. of the whole episode, but in previous seasons -like they weren't professionals- appeared almos the whole episode, and i liked that, i liked the crazy James, the total nuts Jessie and Meawth, but now.... Abou the time, nop. I would like to see them more in this season, no just 5 minutes. They deserve more time! Ahahahaha~

Hello and welcome!!!

I'll still watch the movie, but Team Rocket is generally the humour of the movies, so they've made a bad decision.