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Alex Hall

"Don't forget you-" Alex slammed the door before his father could finish another patronising reminder. Yes Dad, of course I have my Pokémon, Alex had had to yell just moments before. Heading out from the Inn, situated in east Canalave City, and heading out across the great iron bridge which joined the two wings together. The pair had been staying in Canalave the past few days, a futile attempt by Alex's Father to 'bond'. In truth he would have had more luck just asking for the future winnings straight up, but luckily for Alex he had become more frugal with age.

Looking out, directly down the Canalave river, Alex spotted his ship. A small boat, maybe capable of carrying a few dozen people at most, but a ship non-the-less. Removing a Pokéball from his belt, and flicking it lightly in the air, Alex let out a Pokémon.

"Caww, cawww!" The Pidgeot spiralled up between the bridge's many beams and wires before landing gently on the railing beside Alex. Squirt had grown up with Alex, she knew him better than any of his other pokémon. She spotted the odd sparkle in his eyes, the kind of passion he was often found lacking in, and noticed his slightly upturned lips, forming some kind of odd smile, smirking into the distance.

"Thayla Island isn't far from here," Alex mumbled to himself, "We'll be there in no time, Squirt." The Pidgeot cooed in agreement, soon the pair would be entering a tournament. A full blown tournament. Gym Leaders had been a good challenge, but these competitors would be at a whole new level, Alex looked forward to putting up a good fight though - he wasn't one to go down so easily.

Noticing movement, Alex drew his gaze back to the small ship. It looked like people were starting to board. "Damn, looks like we're late, Squirt - Return!" He commanded as he ran the second half of the bridge, the Pidgeot shooting towards him in a ball of red light, hurrying towards the dock beyond Canalave City Gym. A line of eager trainers had assembled outside, awaiting the Captain's orders to board, "Paradise awaits," Alex smiled to himself.

The ship rocked into place, Thayla Island was beautiful at this time of year - clear skies and so much warmer than Alex was used to at Snowpoint City; he quickly slipped out of his jacket, leaving only his black and white stripped T-shirt and a loose red scarf around his neck.

A steady stream of passengers, slightly wobbly from their sea journey, were headed towards, what a big sign called, 'Admissions'. Alex dutifully followed, cautiously eyeing up his competition as he headed towards the building. Inside the true chaos of the tournament was apparent, with even more people queuing up at reception, where Alex hastily followed. Soon enough he was waiting at the desk.

"Err... Alex Hall?" He said vaguely, hoping the receptionist could point him in the right direction.

"Let me check that for you!" She responded, in a voice so high that it shot right through Alex. He wondered how a woman in such a menial, depressing job could sound so optimistic - especially when she had a line of half a dozen hopeless trainers to attend to. "A.Hall, Creation Block," she announced proudly, handing over a card key, "that's just over there," she added - pointing to a second edit out of the reception hall.

Alex headed in that direction, releasing Squirt back into the open as he got outside, "'Creation Block'" he said, mockingly, "Any ideas? Maybe if we pray to Arceus..." he joked, following the path towards the arena with his Pidgeot circling above with his luggage in tow. Luckily the house soon came into view, and Squirt was saved from an entourage of sarcastic comments about the other houses as well. The card key was readily accepted by the door-scanner, and soon enough he was inside the Creation House and looking for his room.

"This is the one!" He cheered half heartedly, pushing the door open and lugging his bag in, "Wait what?" He exclaimed, as he noticed not one but two beds.

"Well, Medicham was hoping for luxury I suppose," he shrugged, releasing his Pokémon and making himself at home.

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