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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Are you interested in non-Pokémon roleplay? Do you only join Pokémon roleplays?
Sort of, but the only other role play I'd really join is a Grandia themed role play; although I doubt that'd get much activity haha. I get really uncomfortable RPing about something that I'm not really knowledgeable about so I wouldn't be interested in joining a RP based on a topic I don't have much experience with. For example Megan's new Hunger Games role play; I know it specifically states that you don't need to read the Hunger Games books beforehand, but I'd still feel uncomfortable taking part until I had read them. :3
Back last year in April when Eeveemaster9 created Years of Lies, I joined solely on the storyline. I had no idea for a little bit afterwards that it was based on the Hunger Games.

Maybe you should just take that mindset! As opposed to thinking that you gotta know the entire story of a series, just read what they've got and see if it makes sense to you!
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