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    ۝ RULES ۝

    ♦ All PC rules apply.
    ♦ No god-modding. There will be no need since I will set up points for you to show off often.
    ♦ This is T-Rated, but no REAL swear words (use pokemon terms instead)
    ♦ If I ask you to change something, please do.
    ♦ The Show is NOT a good reference for basing your info.
    ♦ If your character has a Pokedex, do not use it on a Pokemon if there is an X next to its name or photo. That means the pokemon is unique in some way, and I will PM you the Pokedex entry for it.
    ♦ If you join late, wait for me to write you in.
    ♦ You may submit NPCs related to your character to me via PM. I will usually find some way to work them in.
    ♦ If you are going to be absent for more than a week, let me know so I can adjust the story to give you the time you need.
    ♦ If you have questions, don't EVER hesitate to ask. Chances are I haven't considered everything.
    ♦ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon items will be used, as well as few items I made myself. if you don't recognize an item feel free to ask as your character in the RP or Out of character in a PM or in this topic.
    ♦ Pokemon will level up after 4 battles when under level 21, and after 8 battles when level 21 or more. If I slip up, let me know.
    ♦ If you've read the rules all the way through, name your favorite Pokeball at the beginning of your post.
    ♦ Make sure to Keep an open mind and have fun
    ۞ SU Form ۞

    Trainer Name: (first and last)
    Trainer Type:
    Trendy Title: (two words ex: Stinkin' Rich, Very Shy, Super Pumped)
    Home Region:
    Bio: (Just go over the last four years)
    Key Item of Choice:
    Aura Color: (whatever you think works)
    Pokemon Team: (1-3 pokemon. see starting pokemon rules)
    ۞ Rules for Starting Pokemon ۞
    1. Total levels of pokemon must equal 30 or less. (ex.three lv10s, or two lv15s, or even one lv20, but not three lv16, or two lv20s.)

    2. No 5th Gen, Legendary or fake pokemon. (Shiny ONLY if I okay it.)

    3. Can have one hold item out of:
    Binding Band
    Black Belt
    Green Scarf
    Blue Scarf
    Choice Band
    Choice Scarf
    Expert Belt
    Focus Band
    Muscle Band
    Pink Bow/Scarf
    Red Scarf
    Silk Scarf
    Yellow Scarf

    For more information, check the main topic.

    PM me for info about this project.

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