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No love for the Phantasy Star? 3 Well, this is the second iteration of Sega's Phantasy Star Online Series. Released in Japan on July 4th, 2012. And coming to the West, sometime 2013. If 2013 is too far away, you can can sign up to play on the Japanese servers. This game is also coming to PSVita, and Android/iOS platforms. It's Free-to-Play too.

Well, I was just wondering if anyone on PC playing/excited? I haven't seen a thread mentioning it, so I feel there isn't much Phantasy Star love on PC. I myself couldn't wait, and I had to sign up for the Japanese version. So far, its pretty fun, very reminiscent of the first Phantasy Star Online . It does get however a little bit grind-fest early on though, still fun though..

But, enough of my opinion. I'm wondering about PC's thought about this game?
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