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    @_ Volcanix769

    Yea I know I can qoute, but I don't do it. Idk why lol


    All pokemon who had an evolution in the 4th generation will be in the hack. Also, the pokemon who evolved from a stone that was not in fire red will evolve by lv up. Misdreaveus & Murkrow evolve at lv40. Snorut evolves into frosslass by moon stone. Electibuzz & magmar evolve by thunder/firestone which is actually available in the 3rd major city. Elekid & Magby are in nursery road, which is a small distance from that city. Togetic evolves by moon stone. kirlia evolves into Gallade by moon stone. Or you can lv her up til she evolved into gardevoir. The 3rd gym leader has both on her team...


    Dratini is a good choice as Dragonair learns very good egg moves by level up. Icy Wind & Heat Wave come to mind. Dragon Pulse is also in the hack...

    Tajaros will answer any other Qs. I'll be inactive until he's done.