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    Skylar Weathers

    The voice of the captain boomed over the loud speaker, announcing that the ship would be departing. Seconds later, a loud toot of the horn was heard and the vessel began to move. Anna sighed, shifting her gaze back to her Trainer. It seemed that Gloria had no interest in addressing some no-like Psychic Pokemon, but that was to be expected of a diva such as herself. "Oh well," she mumbled. "There's still plenty else to do, so let's have some fun.... uh Skylar?"

    The teenager was still standing by the rail, looking out into the bay. The building's of Vermilion City were slowly shrinking and fading out of view. But that wasn't what Skylar had set his eyes on as he barely even noticed Anna coming up behind him. There was an entire school of Magikarp jumping up and down some yards away from the boat, close enough to be seen but too far away to be battled. It was so strange how the red fish-like Pokemon could swim so gracefully in the sea, but when it came to battle they were nearly useless until they evolved.

    The tranquility of the scene was broken when the Magikarp darted off in different directions all at once. Skylar cocked his head in curiousity; something was going on and the Magikarp could sense it. But what happened next was more than sensational. In the midst of the fleeing fish Pokemon a large, dark shape in the water appeared, followed by the surfacing of a blue horn. The creature continued rising out of the water, revealing a blue face with curled ears, perched atop a long, elegant neck, its back covered with a thick, knobbed shell.

    The other passangers quickly gathered around. "Everyone, look! It's a Lapras!," a young woman shouted as even more Trainers crowded around. Skylar was in awe, knowing full well how rare these Transport Pokemon were, yet there was one right here, swimming alongside the ship and looking at the people on board curiously. Anna nudged the boy and whispered in his ear, "Maybe you should catch it. I doubt you'll ever see another wild one."

    "But I already have Kame-Sama," Skylar replied. "Do I really need another Water type? Then again...." Lapras was a vastly different Pokemon from Wartortle, and would certainly be useful to have around, even if he'd have a tough time fitting it into a comedy act. Knowing that Kame-Sama wouldn't be able to do much to the Transport Pokemon, he silently pushed the Gardevoir forward. When Anna was battling, Skylar usually just spectated and let her do whatever she wanted, only intervening to use items.

    Anna closed her eyes, focusing her mind to unleash a powerful Psychic attack. She was about to fire it but was interrupted when she was jostled by someone passing through. "Skylar Weathers? Is there a Skylar Weathers here?," a young woman called as she bumbled between all the people. Curious, Skylar looked away from his Gardevoir and the Lapras and addressed the female. He had recognized her voice from when she announced that the ship was ready to be boarded, but what was she doing on the deck now. "Uh... I'm right here. Can I help you, miss?"

    "Why, yes!," the lady responded excitedly. "My name is Carla Raines, and I'm the direction of the events and entertainment on this cruise. Skylar, I'm happy to announce that you are the lucky winner of a special drawing! Please accept this prize." With that, she extended a white box to the teenager, who placed his right hand behind his head and grinned sheepishly. "Wow, thanks!," he replied, looking at his prize curiously. On the box was a picture of a white Pokeball, along with the words, "Silph Corperation Premier Ball: Captures Pokemon without fail!"

    "I once read about Silph Corperation developing a prototype for a Pokeball that always caught its target," Anna commented, shifting her attention away from the Lapras. "I'll be sure to use it wisely... or maybe right now," Skylar continued. "Uh, by the way Ms. Raines, Anna and I also happen to be a comedy duo. If you're looking for entertainment, we have our props in our room and would be glad to perform." Carla cocked her head and then smiled. "Why, I'm sure some of our passnegers would love to see that!"

    She took out a clipboard and pored over her agenda. "It seems there's an open slot in the Lickitung Lounge tomorrow evening. I'll put you down for then. Please don't be late!" Skylar nodded. He would have thanked the woman but she had already darted off, probably to handle another event. "Let's give this a shot," the teenager said to himself as he unwrapped the Premier Ball from its packaging. Anna stepped back, at first unaware that she was standing in front of a staircase leading to the lower decks. Skylar took a deep breath as he tossed the white Ball overboard, flying toward the swimming Lapras. According to the package, if he was not 'completely satisfied' with the result, he was entitled to a free replacement. Silph Co was quite confidant in their products, but it was fact that they almost always did as intended.

    As Skylar threw the Premier Ball, Anna realized she was blocking traffic. "Oh! Excuse me! Sorry!," she said as she bumped into various people and Pokemon, some giving a second glance when they realized the Gardevoir could speak. A Ninetales with its mouth watering as it climbed the stairs caught the Embrace Pokemon's attention. Believing it was interested in the half-eaten Pokesnack in her hand, Anna lowered her gaze to the Fox Pokemon. It might have nearly made Skylar vomit, but it was intented for Pokemon, after all. "Uh... here," she said with a smile, removing the rest of the wrapper from the candy and offering it. Surely the Ninetales' Trainer wouldn't mind.