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    I'd like to get some mentoring :D

    • ROM Hacking, learning about the tools and basics and what not
    • Sprite creation, I have a knack for making characters and would like to try my hand at that
    • Cry creation, if anyone even knows how to do that here. I'm wanting to work on making my own ROM with my own pokemon creations with crys and all. I know it'll take forever but I just need the training to slowly create my own masterpiece.
    • Advanced Generation games are my most favorite, but i'd like to look into ways of cross platforming Generation IV and V to GBA format and editing those ROMS, probably falls under ROM hacking.
    Anyways, I hope that is enough, if not then please shoot me an email at any time if you need some more information. I'm hoping to use what I learn hear to help me in college to open more doors for me. Be it jobs during college, hobbies, or a career. I just feel compelled that Pokemon can help me with that some how. It's a powerful game, I mean we all know that. It just moves me a lot and feels right.

    Sincerely, Jay

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