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Isaac frowned at the captain of the ship, the large man folding his arms over his chest as he looked down on the ship owner. “What do you mean I can’t bring him aboard?” he asked, glancing behind him, where Hazard stood, lazily looking around. The mammothian beast was a fair weight, and all of that weight was concentrated in a small space, which would be bad for the boat if the Aggron were to smash through the deck. “He’s not dangerous.”

“Aye, matey. Maybe not to yerself or me, but t’ mae ship. I don’ mind to be takin’ ya landlubbers to that there tournament, but I ain’t gonna be havin’ a two-ton-“

“Half-ton,” Isaac corrected, not about to take any flak from this fellow, who had already irritated him.


Isaac sighed. “Havoc only weighs about a thousand pounds. That’ll be about half a ton.”

“Pah, numbers. Ain’ changin’ me mind though. If he’s comin’, he’s comin’ in a Pokeball, ‘r you can try yer luck with the next boat.”

Isaac gave a grunt, adjusting his hat down over his eyes. He knew that registration was only a day, and he really couldn’t afford to miss it. “All right, all right. Sorry old boy, but you’ll have to wait for now,” he spoke, and the Aggron gave a grunt before it vanished into the sphere. “Now may I board?”

“Course ye can, laddie!” the captain called out with a grin before cackling, moving back across the deck. Isaac sighed; this was likely to be a long trip.


Upon arrival, the first thing Isaac did was release Havoc once more. The Aggron had been with him since he was a boy, and while he was old, he had gotten used to being out and about. “Sorry about that, partner,” Isaac spoke, patting the beast on the shoulder, which merely grunted in response. “Let’s go see what this tournament business is all about, eh?”


Just over an hour later, Isaac glanced at the information booklet he held, grunting. “Partnered with an Orion Pierce. Isn’t there some mythology about a hunter named Orion?” he asked, glancing at Hazard, who just murmured under its breath. “Well whatever. We’ll find him soon enough. Let’s head up to the room and unload some stuff and take a look around, eh?”

“Gron,” Hazard agreed, tromping behind the man as he moved through the area.

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