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Hmm have caught a few shiney pokemon throughout the gens, but unsurprisingly they were nearly all rubbish have come across one or two in each game.
Found a shiny goldeen in cerulean city while fishing randomly...ran out of poké balls...
crystal:found a shiny quilfish :'( another poké i hate using
Ruby:My first usable shiny! trapinch whooooooooooooooooo. Now on my platinum game card neutral natured.
Sapphire: Magnemite in mauville (now magnezone on platinum)
Platinum: chansey on route 12!
White: none
Black 2Currently playing through)Audino in castelia gardens! shaking grass grinding
ps for those of you like me oblivious to the fact that you can catch a riolu. You can get on lv5,7 in sangi ranch 5% catch rate though. Its worth it
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