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Rajay and his Heracross, Hercules, battled well against the Pidgeotto. By the time Rajay threw the Pokéball, both pokémon were exhausted. The red light engulfed the flying pokémon's form, dragging it inside the device. The ball fell back to the deck, rocking back and forth, until it eventually settled.

Rajay caught a Pidgeotto! This Pidgeotto has a hidden ability!

Gender: Male
Level: 24
Ability: Big Pecks
Moveset: Tackle, Sand Attack, Whirlwind, Gust, Twister.
Rajay's Hercules is exhausted from its fight, and could use a rest before battling again.

Skylar threw his newly acquired Premier Ball, which promptly sucked in the huge Lapras and darted back to the trainer's outstretched hand.

Skylar caught a Lapras! This Lapras has a special move!

Gender: Female
Level: 26
Ability: Shell Armor
Moveset: Growl, Sing, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, *******.
You two may rename your Pokémon in your own posts, if at all, and then I shall add them to the first post list!