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Pokémon - Genesect Reveal
My Mistake - there is currently a thread regarding this topic.

The first image of CoroCoro's cover has come thanks to papico028 and has revealed the Pokémon Genesect. Currently no further information has been given but we'll provide the information as soon as possible so keep checking back. The magazine states that there is a special 3DS Scoop regarding Genesect but it's not yet known. The rest of the images give the history about how it's #300 in the Unova Pokédex, lived 300 million years ago and was awakened by Team Plasma, referencing the P2 Lab event in Black/White and Black 2 & White 2

Genesect to be distributed from August 11th to September 14th over WiFi.

Courtousy of Serebii. Genesect is only for Black & White 2, So Will you be downloading this event? Do you think it's the right time or are they rushing these legendaries? Discuss!