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Originally Posted by Tru Eagle View Post
Claiming Pidgeot, for ALL TIME.
Originally Posted by Empyrean View Post
Is it too late to claim a Gardevoir, Lilligant, and Volcarona?
Sorry bros, neither of you have enough posts to claim. :(

Originally Posted by ~Pokemoll~ View Post
Kricketot ★ ~Pokemoll~
Leafeon ★ ~Pokemoll~

Hope this is okay~?
Perfect, thanks~

Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Hehe exactly 100 post for this... :)

I would like to have
Zoroark ★ tajaros
Magikarp ★ tajaros
Lucario ★ tajaros
Gengar ★ tajaros
Aggron ★ tajaros

That's all thank you.. :)
I put everything in 'cept Lucario, because too many people have claimed that already. Sorry about that. :( Also alphabetical order next time please!

Okay, everything is up to date wow.

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