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Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Sounds like fun. Quick question though, would I be able to do this challenge with Black 2 and White 2, as well as with a Hack ROM?
I don't see why not with B2W2, I don't know about hacks though.

UPDATE: 7/11/12
Anyways, I started Platinum, and I beat Candice, It's like Candice vs. Candice, lol. After I caught Snorunt, I waited until Level 31 to evolve him so he would know Crunch and Ice Fang as Froslass doesn't learn them.


Sneasel Lv.51
Brick Break, Faint Attack, Slash, Avalanche

Piloswine Lv.50
Earthquake, Ice Fang, Take Down, Return

Abomasnow Lv.51
Blizzard, Wood Hammer, Ingrain, Ice Shard

Froslass Lv.49
Shadow Ball, Crunch, Ice Fang, Hail
The Eeveelution Challenge

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