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    I'l Join. Iris is my favorite counterpart in the anime since May. Sorry dawn, your voice was starting to eat my ears and you realy drilled the contest idea into the ground.

    In the games however, none were more shocked than I to see the last gym leader become champion even though we've already had someone who was truely fabulous do that before. She gains points for being more diversified than lance, but she loses points because she's taken on a horrible new (and common for that matter) weakness, Fighting!

    Hydreigon, Lapras and Aggron all have a weakness to fighting without having a single pokemon resistant to that.

    A few things I'm worying about her for when the game comes out is

    1. that hydreigon, I mean realy? Dennis' hacked hydreigon gave me nightmares.

    2. Archeops is an extreemly tough pokemon. I've had one sweep several pokemon before in White when I was battling in chargestone cave and I know what it's capable of.
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