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Caydee Mint - F3 Deck


The S.S. Anne hat set sail, and Caydee had to cover her ears because the horn was way too loud. She's used to boat horns, but nothing like the one on the SS Anne. She twitched as she covered her ears. Ninetales didn't mind the loud sound, as he kept walking up the stairs. He walked by a boy and his Gardevoir, holding a half-eaten Pokesnack. Ninetales' eyes widened as he decided to walk towards the Gardevoir, eyeing the snack. Ninetales, however, wasn't aware that it's probably the same Pokesnack he ate back at the cabin, the same that gave him a disgusting taste.

“” She smiled and handed the snack to Ninetales. Ninetales widely opened his mouth and ate the snack almost by whole, dropping a large piece on the floor. Meanwhile...

“Ninetales?” Caydee called out. After the crowd died down of walking up and down the stairs, she looked around the large sign of him. “Ninetales?”

After Ninetales ate the piece of Pokesnack, he turned around and saw Caydee looking for him. “Nine!” He galloped away and bumped into Caydee. She turned around and felt a bit relieved to see him again. Though...Ninetales realized he still wanted that piece of snack on the ground.

“Where did you go Ninetales? You left without warning?” Caydee asked.

But Ninetales wasn't listening. The temptation was rising so much, he wanted that piece. His mouth watered again, he was indeed hungry for it. With the Gardevoir still standing there, he decided to walk back to her once again to retrieve that fallen piece. He slobbered his mouth with his tongue, and looked down on the floor. Caydee became confused at Ninetales. She had to follow him to see what's up.

As Ninetales lowered his head to pick up the piece, suddenly a fast-flying Pidgey decided to fly through between where the Gardevoir was standing and where Ninetales was at. It was hard to detect for Caydee, but it stopped right above Ninetales. Ninetales looked up, glancing at the Pidgey looking down at him. It squeaked, translating the sound into what looked like a laughable sound. Ninetales did not like how the Pidgey took the snack. It growled loudly, and starts releasing fire from his mouth, trying to attack it. The Pidgey dodged the attack, and starts to fly away.

Caydee shrieked as she saw the fire. “Ahhh, Ninetales! Stop ittt!” She ran to the Fox Pokemon, but Ninetales started to chase the Pidgey as she reached up to him. “Ninetales get over here!” Ninetales kept running and running after the Pidgey, with the Pidgey still holding the snack by its beak. Impolitely bumping into the other passengers on the deck, Caydee had to get through. She wasn't too far away from Ninetales. Before her and Ninetales' eyes, they realized they reached a dead end.

But the Pidgey was floating on the ocean, flapping its wings and had its eye on Ninetales. It showed signs for battle.

“Ninetales, knock it off! I have more back at the cabin. And besides, you hated those, remember?” Caydee shouted.

“Nine!” Ninetales growled, mainly eyeing on the Pidgey. Then it releases a blue fireball from his mouth, aimed towards the Pidgey. But this Pidgey was pretty quick as it flew up to miss the hit. The Pidgey flew quick towards Ninetales, tackling him through. Afterwards, it flies up and then downwards the hesitant Ninetales to attack once again.

“Ninetales, hang in there! Caydee shouted again. “Use Confuse Ray to have it stop attacking you!”

As the Pidgey continued to fly downward, Ninetales started to concentrate on his attack, Confuse Ray. His eyes start to glow red as fire, concentrating on his opponent. It slowed down close to stopping as it was hit. Pidgey lets go of the snack piece, letting it fall on the floor. It started to not have any idea why it had it in the first place. It lands on the floor, picking up a few crumbs on the deck. As Ninetales walked over to pick up the snack piece, he eyed on the Pidgey again. Caydee closely followed him, also eyeing on the Pidgey as well.

Its eyes sharpened at the Ninetales. Snapped out!

“Ahh?” Caydee startled.

The Pidgey flew back to Ninetales and starts to peck him by its beak. He tried pawing at it, trying to stop him from pecking more. It growled loudly at it, pushing him away from him. As the Ninetales stood up properly, it breathed fire from its mouth.

Caydee had enough of the Pidgey attacking Ninetales. “Fire Spin, Ninetales! Just... watch your aim.”

Ninetales breathed out a plume of fire out of his mouth, spiraling out towards Pidgey. Turns out it was a direct hit to the Pidgey. It became badly burned by the flames, and then falls down to the ground. Caydee started to notice that she's being the center of attention to the deck, people started to stare at her and her Ninetales. Even the twin girls she saw earlier, Kara and Tara. Caydee wasn't sure whether to feel embarassed or excited.

As the Pidgey fell, Caydee took out a of the Pokeballs she received upon entering the SS Anne. “Pokeball, go get that Pidgey!” She throws the ball at the badly-burned Pidgey and the ball immediately sucks her inside. As the ball fell, it starts to shake and shake. Caydee sucked some of the ocean breeze and holds it in, something the Pidgey should so when it is captured.

Ninetales never paid attention to the ball shaking, instead...he took the snack piece from the floor by mouth and ate it whole. He then slobbered his mouth by tongue and smiled crookedly.

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