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Rion Mazer

Under his feet, the water sloshed around the boat, making it bounce and shift. Next to him, a young trainer let out a screech of surprise. Rion winced and shied back reflexively. Don't worry, it was just a kid, just one... oh who was he fooling? He would have been doing the same thing if he wasn't focused on keeping himself on the bench. His pale fingers brushed the fur of his Absol and Rion allowed himself to relax an inch.

"You mustn't be so jumpy." The words resounded in his mind to the sound of an echo. Deena looked at him gently. "What would your family think, after you worked so hard to get here?" Rion nodded, apologetic. He never spoke back aloud, or at all really. It didn't really matter who he was talking to, it was hard to talk with them. He still never got the cues perfectly and he never was the fast at responding. It took him too long to think of how to reply...

No. He slapped his cheeks reflexively as he was taught to do when he got depressed. A little pain was a good reminder. Rion saw the island up ahead. It was rather beautiful but he didn't openly gawk like he saw many others doing. He wasn't sure what that would do to his face. At any rate, the vessel soon docked and everyone else flooded off the boat. Soon he was the only one left barring a tall man with a suitcase. He was glanced at.

"Kid the ship's empty. Time to pack up and head out." Rion fidgeted as he processed the sentence.

"I..." He searched for the words and shook his head, trying to clear it and think properly. "I... yes I'm aware... I simply... I can not..."

"You don't like crowds right?" Rion felt his cheeks heat up with embarrassment and relief as he nodded, thankful he didn't have to fumble for words any further. The man nodded sympathetically. "I don't blame you kid. Half these people have their large Pokemon out and don't know how to trim the noise. Someone small like you could get trampled. Or you get drowned out over everybody shouting." The young clerk snorted as he led the way off the boat, oblivious to Rion's fidgeting. "That's the thing with the airheaded kids: They're everywhere, ignorant, and hopelessly cocky."

As the man rambled on, Rion slipped away into the edge of the group. He had wanted to say that man was being rude to people he didn't even know... but he just didn't know how. Does this make me a coward? Deena said nothing, merely followed him into the line. As the queue slowly made its way forward, Rion listened to the voices around him. Shyly he pulled out his trainer card. It was safer than talking, much safer.

Eventually he reached the front and the woman squealed at the sight of him. Yes, squealed. "Oh you're such a cutie!" Rion blinked slowly, completely lost on how to reply, and showed her his trainer card. Deena butted his hand once and he retracted it carefully. "Rion right?"

"Lee-ohn," he corrected softly. His name was weird; he knew that much. The woman giggled an apology and handed him what he needed. Rion murmured a thank you and went searching. Deena followed him, causing some people to give him a wide berth. Why did he always... oh right. She was a disaster Pokemon. Rion shook his head. He didn't understand what that meant even now. He looked to see he would have a roommate and flinched.

Yuki... Aurora. Oh... well... this would be awkward. Maybe... Maybe they would be nice... and patient. Maybe.

And maybe he'd regrow his eye.

Rion shook his head and entered the Time house. He quietly slipped the key in and opened the door to a deep blue room. Reflexively the boy shuddered. The colors blue and red still weren't exactly easy to get used to. He watched Deena pace inside to lay at the foot of one of the beds. Rion sighed softly and closed the door behind him.

Maybe a nap would make this less nerve wracking....
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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